Why should I download and use Angels Nearby?

Have you ever needed help from someone close by? We all have.

If you've ever been in a situation where you needed some assistance, but the only way out was to shout out loud or try to call friends who weren't around, then you need Angels!

Some examples of when to use Angels:

  • It's below zero outside and your car won't start. Your family has already left for work, you don't feel comfortable knocking on your neighbor's door, and your friends are not in the area. But you don't want to pay the auto service for a simple jump start!
  • You need a ride from the train station to your neighborhood.
  • You are a student and you need a place to crash on the weekend in the city.
  • You need a power drill for just an hour to use at home.
  • You need someone to walk your dog for a day while you are away.
  • You got it!
How does Angels Nearby complement Facebook?

Facebook friends can be all over the world. They are busy with their lives and don't always have time to help. Or else they don't know how to help with what you need.

  • Angels Nearby is focused on getting help that involves physical meetings between people, not just chat or open forums.
  • Angels connects you with a trusted network of individuals who are close to you geographically, and who want to help you. That way when you need real live help, you can find someone nearby who is willing and able.
  • Facebook is great for virtual help, to make virtual friends...
  • Angels is great for real help, to make real friends!